A Blur of Travel January 2020

Hello there! I had such grand goals of blogging daily about my year of compassion. I might be able to get back into the swing of things again, or I might just give myself some grace and blog when I can.

January was a pretty busy month for me. I traveled to California to hang out with my mom for a week and I went to Houston for a work trip. Both trips were really great but just threw off my schedule a bit.

As I wrote about in this post planning for the road trip to California was minimal but I was able to find lots of options on the road that worked for me. Major shoutout to Taco Bell!

My trip to Houston was a little more predictable and planned. I was able to load up on some oatmeal for breakfasts, vegan jerky for snacks, and fruit for snack. Overall, it was a little more difficult to find food on this trip. I was with a large group of people who were not vegan so I had to make things work.

Dinner the first night was at Chuy’s Restaurant. If I had more time with the menu I would have found other options. I settled for rice, beans, and tortillas for this meal. Not great but it was food.

I had my oatmeal for breakfast both days and was glad I made the effort to bring it. For lunch I convinced my boss to go to True Food Kitchen and had the best meal of the trip there. I had my snacks for the rest of the trip and stopped at Nekter as soon as I landed in Phoenix for something fresh and healthy.

My trip to Houston was a really great reminder for me to plan even more in advance. I have a trip coming up in February to Austin and I can do even better to bring food that will satisfy me when everyone wants to eat BBQ.

Despite all the travel in January it was a good month. We are making progress on redoing our backyard – we bought fruit trees yesterday! And I have been busy in the kitchen making new meals to share here. I am hopeful I will be back to share more tomorrow!