Backyard Gardening – Before Video

Hello hello! I hope that this day has treated you well! I had the most lovely day going up to Flagstaff for an appointment, getting a little shopping in at Target, and bringing home the best Indian food ever! When you live in an Indian food desert like Sedona, you don’t mind the hour commute to get all the garlic naan you can!

Dehli Palace in Flagstaff, AZ! Aloo gobi, chana masala, and all the garlic naan.

Other than my exciting Target and Indian food adventure I have even more exciting news! I have decided to give this whole YouTube thing a try.

We recently bought our first house in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. One of the things we loved most about our house was the backyard. There were dead shrubs, random plants in the middle of the yard, and gigantic pines blocking the views. Where everyone else who saw the house saw a lot of time and projects we saw a lot of time of projects and got excited!

I have added a few photos of our backyard here to provide a bit of a visual. We are really excited to get the vegetable garden going first. It has been a little hard to find super fresh vegetables here in town. I have a suspicion that the grocery stores here are not first on the list to get the freshest produce.

We have plans for a veritable garden, fruit trees, and a big ol’ space for entertaining.

The beginnings of our fruit orchard!
A photo of all the backyard potential!

If you are curious to see our before of the backyard before all the work starts you can watch the video below! Fair warning it is my first foray in YouTube videos and I already have some things I learned to improve!