Why Blog Again: Thankful for Today

I have been asking myself this a few times? Why come back to a space that you have such mixed feelings about? You used to blog every single day for three years. Then one day you decided you had enough of the hustle and the blog game and you quit. You took all your content down and moved on like it wasn’t something you invested your time, energy, and even money in. So why blog again?

The things I loved about blogging a few years ago are not things that are monetized or quantified. I loved looking at my past day and looking for things that made it worth of being written about. I could take the most basic event and write a long post about what it meant to me. I let the blog game get in the way of what I loved. I wanted to keep up with the lifestyle girls and their blogs. After a while I got over it and I burned it all to the ground, as it were.

I am here simply because I love to write. I love to think about myself and my day in healthy ways again and I want to have a place that feels semi-permeate to share who I am.

This time it will be different. I plan to write about what ever I want to each day. I hope that this space will be a positive one for me to return to each day.

So let’s get started!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. It was a really good one. Not good in the sense of a lot of people coming over, a huge meal, and all the food. But good in the sense that I did not end the day feeling stuffed or sad or like I had missed out on something. These are feelings that I have had in the past and I have worked to find why the holidays can be hard.

Yesterday, Scott, Penny and I decided to take a hike in the neighborhood. Since we had the whole day to ourselves we decided to try a loop trail we hadn’t been on before. It was a beautiful hike in red rock country. We did not have a time limit or a place we needed to get to. So we just walked for 2 hours. Our hike ended up being about five miles long.

Mid-hike on the Courthouse Butte loop trail.
Just one of the beautiful views of the day.
Beauty in the storm – Cathedral Rock in the distance.

This was the first time that we just make being outside in nature our priority for Thanksgiving which felt amazing.

After the hike we came home and I made some lentil pasta with kalamata olives and capers. One of my favorite things in the world is lentil pasta! Why not load up on some protine while eating one of my favorite dishes.

We then watched some TV and hung out around the house. Nothing fancy, just time together.

For dinner I made a jackfruit buffalo dip that was amazing. We had a good portion of veggies and tortillas with it. For dessert I made some simple peanut butter cookies while we started to decorate our Christmas tree.

Buffalo Jackfruit with veggies and tortillas.

I am so proud of our Christmas Tree! We decided to get a tree that we could plant after Christmas. We went to the nursery knowing we wanted something native to the Verde Valley that would take naturally to our backyard. We ended up getting a ice blue Arizona Cypress tree. It is legit beautiful and not something that I expected.

Our ice blue Arizona cypress tree!

As I said before yesterday was one of the first holidays that I felt satisfied with. I did not overeat. I was not worried with family drama. I made all of our food and it was all vegan. I loved having a Thanksgiving where giving thanks was the centerpiece of the day.

That is all I have for today. I will be back tomorrow!