Grand Canyon National Park with Our Dog

I guess we are all about the National Parks right now! This last weekend we decided to take a day trip to the Grand Canyon. We live about 2.5 hours away so it is doable.

Living in Arizona we have been to the Canyon a few times, but this was the first time we took our dog, Penny with us. The Grand Canyon was a pretty great place for her, at least this time of year. I imagine summer would be too hot and crowed for her to enjoy the trip.

You can bring a dog with you to the Grand Canyon as long as you stay on the trails that are above the rim. Unless you are on a mule I don’t think other animals are allowed below the rim of the Grand Canyon.

We decided to take the east entrance to the park. Which meant a stop at the LIttle Colorado River Gorge. It was a smaller canyon, but still very beautiful and impressive.

Then we took the east entrance to the park near the Desert Tower, walked around a bit and headed to the Rim Trail for a good hike.

Penny was really well behaved at the park and I was grateful that the Rim trail was a bit further away from the rim of the canyon.

If you take your dog keep them leashed and keep an firm grip on the lease. There are many places where there is no railing and it could be a sad day for you and your dog if you are not mindful.

Overall it was a beautiful day for all of us!

I am curious to know if any of you would try to take your dog to a National Park or if you have taken them to a National Park I would love to hear your experience!

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