Plant Based Road Trip – Day 3

A couple days ago my mom called. She wasn’t feeling as well as she would like and was overwhelmed with some things going on with my grandmother being in and out of the hospital. I knew while we were talking that I needed to drive out to help out for a bit.

I decided that I would leave the next day. When I go on a road trip I really like to plan ahead and get road snacks and meals so I don’t end up eating a bag of chips from a gas station. I wasn’t able to plan ahead for this one though. So I grabbed an apple and some almonds and hit the road.

About two hours in I arrived hungry in Phoenix. I found a Taco Bell and ordered a burrito with beans, potatoes, and rice. Taco Bell is probably my fav go to on the road. It is somewhat healthy and really customizable for a vegan diet.

Luckily, I have made this drive a lot and I happened to know of a make your own pizza place in Blythe, CA. If you have never been to Blythe then let me tell you that it is pretty amazing that in the middle of the desert by the Arizona stateline there is a great vegan option.

I ordered a pizza with red sauce, olives, zuchinni, bell peppers, and onions. I wish there was a left green but it was still good!

Pizza Studio Vegan Pizza!

We hit the road again and made it most of the way to my mom’s house when I stopped at nekter for a green smoothie.

Overall, it was a pretty healthy and satisfying day on the road. I didn’t feel like I ate a bunch of junk which was great!

If you can’t plan a lot of car snacks then try to plan your stops so you know where you can eat. And if nothing works go to Taco Bell!

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