Happy New Year! Today I have been working on making some delicious, vegan snacks and treats for a New Year Eve’s Party that we are throwing for our new Arizona friends. They are not vegan, and will probably bring their own snacks but at least we can eat!

The other day I took Penny on a walk that we have been on several times. It is a beautiful walk and it has not gotten old yet, at least not for me. Penny is all about going on a different walk every single day.

We were just chugging along when I was struck by how much I have been allowing myself to follow a routine and actually enjoy it.

A couple years ago I took the Enneagram and I am pretty sure I am a 7. For the 7 they like variety and are excited to do a lot of different things. Sooo the fact that I am enjoying the routine of my life right now is pretty big!

The thing that I realized that is helping me find value in routine is that I am not stuck. I have chosen this current routine. The yoga classes I go to follow the same flow each time, I take Penny on a 2 mile loop that we enjoy. I wake up everyday at 6:30 like a crazy person!

The thing that I am learning about routine is that there is always something different in each experience. In yoga I notice the way my body feels in a different pose or how much more or less flexible I am in each pose.

When I was on the walk with Penny she stopped to take a good long smell. While she was smelling the red dirt I looked up and had a different view than I had seen for a while.

View of Bell Rock from our hike.

We live in such a beautiful place and there are many different things to see. I realized that there is no problem in routine as long as it does not become a rut.

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