Arizona Snow

I have lived in places that get snow for a good chunk of my life. I say “places that get snow” because it doesn’t quite feel right to say I live through harsh winters when I live in Arizona. The worst winters I experienced were in Flagstaff, Arizona. But even that wasn’t too bad as the Arizona sun still melts three feet of snow rather quickly.

Fully acknowledging that I have been rather fortunate when it comes to snow storms I still have had a bit of an aversion to winter for the last three years. During that snow three feet of snow we got in Flagstaff I fell on some black ice and hurt my knee badly. I had to get surgery and spend about a year building my leg strength back up.

I think it is safe to say that after that incident I was pretty traumatized of snow and ice. We moved to Reno for a couple of years and I was a mess of a person every time it snowed. Reno snow is also fast melting snow, but the skies did not get blue. It was dark and gloomy for a lot of last winter and I was done. I told Scott that I had maybe one winter left in me.

When we decided to move back to Arizona we considered Flagstaff but the winter wasn’t something I was willing to do at the time. We decided to move an hour south of Flag to Sedona. The elevation is about 4000 feet where we live which means that we will get seasons but they will be much more mild.

I had been somewhat dreading our first snow this year. Would it be icy and horrible like when I fell? Will it be grey and gloomy like Reno? Will I hate our new homeland?

Turns out that I was so silly to worry.

We woke up yesterday morning to a white backyard that simmered in magic. Fresh falling snow is the absolute best. I sat on my couch with my morning tea looking out the dinning room window watched big wet flakes float and coat the ground.

backyard beauty

We got about 3 or 4 inches of snow by noon. Then the clouds parted a bit of sun came out and the snow started to melt. By 3 the driveway was mostly clear and I ran some errands, not afraid of falling on ice.

I think that most Arizona snow is the best snow of all. I had all the magic of a beautifully snow-kissed vista and none of the sadness that old snow brings the soul.

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